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The July 3rd Fireworks Extravaganza

The City manager's Response to the Social Media Excitement

Post Date:07/11/2019 1:37 AM


On July 3rd 2019 the City of La Puente held its Fireworks spectacular with kids and families attending from throughout the valley.  Despite some blogs and bloggers who did their best to create panic and fear and promoted that residents not attend, thousands did load up the family and ice chests and brought in pizzas or purchased hot food from our many local food vendors.  Those in attendance truly enjoyed the day and evening with a memory they will forever cherish.

For those who did not attend based on fake information being pushed from websites and other social media accounts, we know you had your families’ safety in mind and that you felt it best to sit this event out at home or elsewhere.  Family and safety always are paramount.

What the facebook or Instagram or twitter peddlers of doom did not tell the public was that this La Puente fireworks event was safer than standing in your own front yard in any San Gabriel Valley City with hundreds of law enforcement and city personnel staffing every section of the park and roads for our city residents and visitors safety. 

Unfortunately, every hint of violence is being attributed to La Puente which is the first lie.  The unincorporated areas are seeing the same spike in violent activity but the headline on social media is always La Puente or near La Puente for effect.  Any violence is intolerable and to all victims and their families our prayers.  The violence is real, however, the reporting of locations and what each crime is related to has been critically false.

What people saw in law enforcement presence at La Puente Park was only the tip of the iceberg as to what measures are being taken in the city. There was much more planning and police presence not seen.  Thanks to Captain Bobby Wyche of Industry Sheriff’s Station and to our service area teams and other outside county resources who were assigned  to the park from all over the county to provide a safe and family oriented event.  Channels 5, 7 and 11 and other prominent local newspapers and radio stations all reported the Fireworks show as a success and a testament to city, policing and families coming together.  Those outlets got it right because they actually came to see it for themselves.

<p>For those residents who chose not to come for whatever reason, please enjoy the posted July 3rd video as it is dedicated to you for caring and wanting to simply live in an environment free of hate and violence.  Show your family, show your friends and I hope and pray that we will enjoy your company next year.  For those who did attend as well as my wife, kids and grandchildren I truly now have seen one of the finest displays of aerial fireworks in my lifetime.  La Puente is an amazing city only because of all of us coming together in times of need and in times of prosperity.</p>

The entire 15 minute fireworks display is now history and recorded for your watching enjoyment.


Bob Lindsey,  City Manager

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