Law Enforcement Services

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Law enforcement services for the City are provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department through the Industry Sheriff’s Station. The Industry Sheriff’s Station is located at 150 N. Hudson Avenue in the City of Industry. Use of the Sheriff’s Department provides the City with highly professional law enforcement services without incurring overly burdensome capital expenditures and public indebtedness that can occur when a city finances its own police department.

In addition to providing patrol and investigative services, the Sheriff’s Department offers a broad range of support services that are readily available from nearby operation stations. Local control is facilitated through the close cooperation of the Station Captain and City officials.

Volunteers On Patrol

The Industry Sheriff's Station provides a home base for the Volunteers On Patrol (VOP) program. From this base of operations, the VOPs provide the community with information on public safety and law enforcement programs. Patrolling the streets of La Puente in their vehicles, they are a valuable asset to the Sheriff's Department Deputies, working as the eyes and ears for law enforcement in the community. For additional information, please call the Industry Sheriff's Station at (626) 330-3322.

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